MIXO to Engine DJ

Move your music from MIXO to Engine DJ using MIXO.

Exporting music is a MIXO:GOLD feature. If you're not already a GOLD user, you'll automatically start a free 7 day GOLD trial.

MIXO backs up your library first to ~/Music/MIXO/Backups. If you need to restore from a backup after exporting, rename the backup file "m.db" and move this to ~/Music/Engine Library/Database2.

Export your library from MIXO to Engine DJ directly (New in v1.50!)

1. Quit Engine DJ and export your selected content.

To export playlists or entire collections from MIXO to Engine DJ:

  • Below you will need to confirm which playlists should be exported or if the whole library should be exported.
  • Click EXPORT

3. Start Engine DJ

Once Engine starts it will begin scanning the new data and populating your content. This may take a few seconds, depending on the size of your library.

4. Did everything go smoothly?

If an errors occurs, please inform MIXO Support ASAP so we can investigate. 

In the meantime you can restore from a backup in two ways:
- Use Engine DJ's backup and restore tool.
- Find a MIXO backup your Engine DJ library prior to exporting in ~/Music/MIXO/Backups.
- Find the latest backup and change the name to 'm.db', then drag this to your Engine Library/Database2 folder.

Find out more

See how MIXO:BRIDGE works.



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