MIXO:BRIDGE Connects your DJ library with all the major DJ software & works to retain all your edits and cues in the process.

Please be aware some DJ Softwares do not allow DJs to export their Cue Points & Beat Grids, only playlists or collections. See more on our Bridge guides page.

For detailed information about MIXO:BRIDGE visit our website.

Exporting music is a MIXO:GOLD feature. If you're not already a GOLD user, you'll automatically start a free 7 day GOLD trial.

Rekordbox 5.6.1

Rekordbox 5.6.1 introduced a bug where importing playlists from the Rekordbox XML file would not update track information if the tracks already existed in the collection.

The workaround for this is to use Rekordbox 5.6.0 for importing from XML and then use later versions for daily use. This method does not work with Rekordbox 6 as it uses a separate collection.


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