Rekordbox 6 Update

Jon shared this question 4 years ago

Until recently (Rekordbox version 6.3.0), Rekordbox had removed the feature to export in xml format - meaning that we could only support going from MIXO to Rekordbox.

We're happy to see them change this and bring back the export option so now you can export from RB and import to MIXO and vice-versa, just as you can with Rekordbox 5!

Please make sure to update your version of Rekordbox 6 to be above 6.3.0 or to the latest version.

You will then be able to export by going to:

File > Export Collection in XML format

then in MIXO go to:

Settings > Import > Rekordbox

To go from MIXO to Rekordbox please see this guide:

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