MIXO:GOLD 7 Day Free Trial

All MIXO:GOLD users receive a free 7 day trial.

The trial begins when you export music from MIXO or once a second device is connected and you sync for the first time from your cloud storage. The first day is counted as day 1, regardless of the time of day the trial is activated.

MIXO:GOLD uploads music from your MIXO account to your OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox storage & syncs everything to your phone & other devices.

Use MIXO:GOLD features for 7 days (from connecting a second device) & add your payment details at any time during this period to continue with MIXO:GOLD after the trial ends.

If payment details are not added before the 8th day, your MIXO account will be downgraded automatically and no payment will be taken.

Monthly billing will begin on the day the user upgrades. If a user upgrades on the last day of a month, payment will be taken monthly on the last day of all subsequent months. For example, if you upgrade on February 28th, you will be next charged on March 31st.

Payments will be charged to the payment card added to your MIXO account.

To update your MIXO:GOLD payment method, please visit:

For more information check out our support site or contact us on team@mixo.dj


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