MIXO:BETA Launched in November 2019 & in early 2020 was opened up to all DJs, globally, which has allowed thousands of users to test MIXO on all their devices & alongside their existing DJ Software.

Feedback on bugs, usability, performance & features have helped us hone and improve the app. Communication with our community is crucial, which is why we've published all the major changes on our Versions page and have a public forum where ideas and bugs are logged and discussed. But we still need more.

We want MIXO to work brilliantly for all our users, so we will continue to hone and improve the app until it's absolutely perfect.

While it remains in beta, bugs and performance issues are to be expected, all we ask is users tell us exactly what they are so we can fix them immediately for the entire community.

Our team are waiting to hear your ideas, bug reports and feature requests on team@mixo.dj or through our report form.

For the latest on specific import/export bugs, or for any limitations with DJ Software migrations, please see MIXO:BRIDGE Overview

Thank you for all your support so far.

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