Traktor to MIXO

Import your music (including cue points) from Traktor into MIXO

We recommend you backup your library first.

* Please note: Traktor DJ 2 only allows importing music files. However, MIXO fully supports Traktor Pro 3, which allows import/export NML and import iTunes XML.

Please also read: How to export Traktor Smartlists

1. Exporting your collection.nml file from Traktor

To retrieve your collection.nml file from Traktor, use the following steps:

  • Open Traktor and right-click the Track Collection title in the tree view

  • Select Export the Collection
  • From the popup, choose a name and a destination, select NML as the format and untick Copy Tracks To Destination.

2. Importing Traktor Collections & Playlists to MIXO:

To import your playlists or entire collection from Traktor go to

  • Click Change File Location and select the .nml file you exported from Traktor

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