Serato to Rekordbox

Move your music (including cue points) from Serato to Rekordbox using MIXO:BRIDGE.

We recommend you backup your library first.

1. Importing your crates to MIXO

To import your crates from Serato:

  • Make sure Serato is closed

  • Select the crates to import from your ..\_Serato_\Subcrates folder and click Open

2. Exporting Collections & Playlists from MIXO:

Exporting music is a MIXO:GOLD feature. If you're not already a GOLD user, you'll automatically start a free 7 day GOLD trial.

To now export playlists or entire collections from MIXO to Rekordbox:

  • Below you will need to confirm which playlists should be exported or if the whole library should be exported.
  • Click EXPORT  By default your files are exported to ..\Music\MIXO\Exports\REKORDBOX

3. Import your rekordbox.xml file to Rekordbox

-- Rekordbox XML Bug --

When importing an XML into Rekordbox, there is a bug that forces users to import tracks separately in order to see changes to existing tracks. This means it's not as simple as just importing your playlists

Here's the recommended approach:

Step 1 - Export your XML from MIXO and load it in Rekordbox, following the guide below.

Step 2 - Right-click your playlist in the XML section and choose "Import to Collection".

Step 3 - Select all the tracks in the playlist (also in the XML section) and right-click "Import to Collection".

This is the only way to load changes to existing tracks in Rekordbox, until they release a fix. This bug exists in both Rekordbox 5 and 6 ( v5.6.0 and above ).

To import the rekordbox.xml file you exported from MIXO into Rekordbox, please follow these steps 

  • Open Rekordbox and go to File > Preferences

  • Under the Database tab in the rekordbox xml box, change the Imported Library path to be that of the Rekordbox.xml file MIXO exported in the last step

  • In the tree view, click the refresh icon next to rekordbox xml

Note: You may need to restart Rekordbox for the XML to show in the sidebar

Find out more

See how MIXO:BRIDGE works.



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