Large library management & file management?

djrickyredz shared this question 17 days ago

First off, I've been DJing just over 2 decades. I went fully digital between 2004-2005 (VDJ, Scratch Live) and I play way too many genres to mention.

I switched to Serato when I got a NS7 with itch and took a year to completely switch to iTunes for music management... I currently have over 200k tracks and is in the process of switching from iTunes/Apple Music to files and crates.

My question is this! Can I use mixo to handle my music files in a similar fashion as iTunes did? If not, can I basically sync my folders and folder structures to Mixo playlists and in turn sync them to the dj app of choice (Serato crates or maybe Rekordbox)?

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Absolutely! One of the main features of MIXO is the ability to organize your tracks into playlists and folders as well as manage their meta data. All of this will be synced across your devices.

As far as syncing MIXO directly to Serato or Rekordbox, we're not quite there yet so this needs to be done manually by going to Settings > Export > (whichever DJ app you use) and then importing this file into that software. So it's not automatic yet but it is on our roadmap:

If you have any further questions about how MIXO works or need help, just let me know!