MIXO: Reset Account

1 . Uninstall MIXO

Uninstall MIXO from your computer.

2 . Install MIXO

Download MIXO from the download page.

Install MIXO

3 . Reset MIXO

Open MIXO and go to Settings > Debug and click the Reset MIXO button.

This will remove tracks and data from MIXO and disconnect MIXO from your cloud.

4 . Delete cloud MIXO folder

Delete MIXO from your cloud so you can start fresh with a new MIXO cloud sync.

Login to your cloud account and delete the MIXO folders.

For Google Drive, please see this guide.

For Dropbox, please see this guide.

5 . Start MIXO Fresh!

MIXO will now be ready for you to start again.

Log in, connect your cloud and import some tracks.

For help, see our getting started guide.

If you any problems we’re here to help:


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