Getting Started with MIXO

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1. Download the desktop app from

2. Click on the settings icon in the top left

3. We recommend importing a small number of single tracks to start with. Then once you have everything working you can import multiple playlists from Traktor, Rekordbox, Serato, Virtual DJ or iTunes.

Drag & Drop your tracks into MIXO to import them.

Once you've imported tracks, the Import view will show the progress of the tracks being imported.

You can also see the a more detailed breakdown of your tracks being analysed under Settings > Progress > Analysis.

4. Connect your Dropbox or Google Drive. We recommend you use a NEW cloud storage account for your Mixo Music sync (so you don't accidentally change your non-music files)

Setup a Free 15gb Google Drive account here: Google Signup
Setup a Free 2gb Dropbox account here: Dropbox Signup

Guide to linking Google Drive
Guide to linking Dropbox
Cloud storage pricing

Once you've connected to your cloud account, MIXO will automatically upload tracks and display their progress on the Settings > Progress > Upload view.

5. Once the import process is completed you can view your library by going to All Tracks.

6. Download MIXO Mobile App from

7. Login to MIXO on your phone. After a few minutes then your tracks and playlists should sync to your phone (or longer if you have a big library).

8. Add MIXO to another Mac, Windows or Linux device and you can sync your music across computers

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