After over 12 months of development, we’re now ready to launch MIXO:GOLD!

We’re asking the amazing MIXO community to support us in building the best DJ library in the world.

MIXO:GOLD is just $7 per month.

Your contribution will help us grow MIXO and invest in building new features.

What do I need to do now?

Upgrade to latest MIXO version in app or download here.
Connect your Cloud Storage
Subscribe to MIXO:GOLD


Is there a trial period?

Yes, there’s a 14 free MIXO:GOLD trial with full access to all Cloud Sync features

How does it work?

See our getting started guide for a step by step tutorial on how to import tracks, connect your cloud storage & sync to your other devices.

Will you remind me?

Yes, we’ll send you emails during the 14-day trial reminding you to subscribe to MIXO.

What if I don’t subscribe?

That’s ok, you’ll be downgraded to MIXO:DESKTOP at the end of your 14 day trial. This will let you continue using MIXO as a library on one computer and to transfer your music between DJ software, for free.

What if I’m having problems?

We’re here to help. You can email us on team@mixo.dj or submit a comment on the forum here.

If you haven’t used MIXO for a while, we recommend downloading the latest version and resetting your account.

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