Can I Downgrade My Plan?

Can I Downgrade?

Users can downgrade from MIXO:GOLD at any time and continue using the Sync & Phone Applications until the end of their current monthly billing period.

When is my account downgraded?

Accounts will automatically be downgraded once their billing period is passed. MIXO:GOLD features will then be cancelled and all previously linked devices will be disconnected from cloud services.

Can I upgrade in future?

Users can always upgrade again to MIXO:GOLD and restart their monthly payments to access all cloud based services.

What happens to my music?

All users music stored in the MIXO Apps folder in the cloud will remain, however the connection with all previously linked devices will be broken.

Music is not stored in MIXO locally, this remains in the users local storage so will remain unaffected.

What about my MIXO Downloads?

Mobile downloads will no longer work however they will remain on the local device. Users will need to delete their MIXO App to clear the downloaded tracks from their local mobile storage.

Desktop tracks will remain downloaded and can be accessed in the local folder assigned to MIXO by the user.

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