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I've just installed the app but I can't find the settings to sync my tracks with Djay Pro, is that possible?

I only see that I can i mport from Djay Pro, but not export.

Also, when I upload some tracks (in "import tracks > mp3") it won't upload anything ("in progress" forever).

Can you help me?

Thank you :)

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Currently, the only file Djay Pro allows import of is the iTunes XML file. Traktor, for example, can import multiple NML files as well as playlists (m3u) and iTunes etc.

We are working on an auto-sync feature for as many dj softwares as we can, updating the library file directly.

I've subscribed you to the idea so you'll be notified when there is an update.

For your second issue, could you answer/try the following:

1. Which cloud storage are you using and do you have enough room for the upload?

2. Could you attach any logs you have in Music > MIXO > Logs (make sure they're turned on and try uploading again:

3. Try using Settings > Debug > Reload, this can make the upload start again if it gets stuck.

4. Try Settings > Debug > Clear Upload Queue, wait for this to finish and right click a couple of tracks in the All Tracks view and select Upload Track.

Let me know how you get on.





I experience troubles while trying to import my metadata from Traktor pro to Djay pro. When I export my playlist in nml format from Traktor, if I don't tick the box "copy tracks" inside the software, Mixo doesn't export anything. If I tick that box, I will run out of space on my hard drive. Afterwards, when I try with a singe playlist, it doesn't export metadate (cue points...) to Djay Pro.

Could help me please?

Kind regards.


As I mentioned in my earlier reply, currently Djay Pro only supports the import of iTunes XML - which does not contain any data regarding cuepoints. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that.

We are looking into ways of auto-syncing with a variety of software, but that is a way down the line.

For your issue with Traktor, it sounds like you aren't importing the right $COLLECTION.nml file into MIXO if it isn't importing anything.

Firstly, make sure you're on the latest version (0.23), you can download in-app or via this link.

When you export your collection or playlist from Traktor, make note of where it is saved on your computer. Then in MIXO, go to Settings > Import > Traktor and click the CHANGE FILE LOCATION button and navigate to the file you exported from Traktor. Finally, click IMPORT TRAKTOR NML.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.



Thank you for your quick reply. I tried many times to select the right file in the right folder to import my collection from Traktor but nothing happened. But, on tour advice, I'll do it again.

Thank you.

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