Additional import of Traktor collection not updating playlists

dj.jakarl shared this question 3 months ago


Once uploaded my initial Traktor collection I want to be able to upload the updated collection and have the playlists update. I'm not seeing this happen at all. What I am seeing is the playlists come in and think there is a duplicate so adds (#) on the playlist name and no tracks get added to the playlists.

The only thing that does work is after removing all Tracks from MIXO and importing again, the tracks go into Playlists, but the playlists continue to get numeric added, as if that playlist is already somewhere.

I can't see the other playlists of the same name anywhere to remove, they seem to be in MIXO memory somewhere.

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For your first point, we are working on the feature to auto-sync with various dj softwares main library file(s), so when they are updated MIXO will check this and update as well.

It's been a long term goal to add this feature, as we do agree it's hugely important. For now, it is a manual process of importing and exporting.

Regarding playlists being numbered even when a playlist with the same name has been deleted, I have created an idea for this as it should be removed from memory.

I've subscribed you to both of the above ideas and you'll be notified as soon as there is an update.



Hi Jon,

Auto-sync would be great, I'm happy to try it manually for now.... to do so, I need to clear out MIXO tracks & playlists first each time?


Also trying to export to Rekordbox gets very confused with those numbered playlists... see screenshot, it's finding ones that are not displayed and not showing ones now in MIXO. Looks like the workaround is reseting MIXO.

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