Workflow - Ubuntu, iTunes & Rekordbox

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**Question from Luk via Email on Sep 30th, 2019 at 13:11 GMT**

I'm currently planning the following workflow:

- Rythmbox or Banshee on Ubuntu (Main library)

- iTunes (Legacy library used for syncing playlists to Rekordbox)

- Rekordbox (Used to create USB drives for Pioneer CDJs)

Is MIXO going to be able to sync between my Ubuntu music library and Rekordbox?

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The best long-term workflow would be:

1. Use MIXO on Linux as your main library

2. MIXO will sync your music to your PC or Mac

3. Use the MIXO 'iTunes XML Export' feature to sync to rekordbox

There's a few points to mention:

- It's possible that Choones won't match Rythmbox or Banshee for music library organisation in v1 but our goal is to build Choones as the best music library for all platforms. We'll be adding features to improve the music library over time and welcome suggestions.

- Our engineers are planning an automatic 'iTunes XML Export' feature that will work like iTunes in MacOS 10.14 to automatically export an iTunes XML file from Choones so that you can import to rekordbox without having to use iTunes.

- We're also planning an automatic 'rekordbox XML Export' feature that will export in the rekordbox XML format which includes cue points and beatgrids. This would mean that in theory you could add/edit cues and beatgrids in Linux and have those exporting to rekordbox.

This is all subject to extensive development change and bug fixing but we are aiming for Choones to be at the centre of your music library.

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