Serato crate import bogs down/stalls - windows

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Trying to import crates from serato on a Windows Surfacebook 2

My library is around 7000 tracks

It started bogging down after it got close to 1000 imports, ive had to restart mixo a few times after it appeared to stall as the track count stopped increasing, ive currently got up to approx 1700, it is still going, but the program is noticably lagging in responsiveness, clicking a crate for example may take 10 secconds

My system says mixo is using 21% of my cpu and 3,000mb of memory, with 68% of my memory in use, and 51mb/s which is 10% of my disk usage, so it doesnt appear to be the whole laptop slowing down, as other apps appear to work ok during the process

I have a few errors pop up, particularly telling me there's a syntax error with a couple of crates - hoping you could advise what to look out for there

Also several tracks being reported as corrupt, missing, or too long - they arent missing and play fine in serato, so hoping you could tell me what length limitations exist.

The same tracks give this error if I retry the crate import, so I'm guessing theres someting to it

Cheers :)

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Thanks for sending through all of this, it's really helpful!

We are aware of several issues regarding the import of Serato Crates, the errors that you are receiving, and how expensive it is on your computer to import large libraries.

All three of these issues are things we are prioritising over the next few weeks.

To help us further, could you follow this guide to turn on logs:

And try importing again. Then send us the files which will be in Music > MIXO > Logs.

Thanks again for testing this, and for general usage in the meantime, we recommend using smaller libraries.