Mixo freezes at approximately 96% when importing Rekordbox xml of large database

vinyltouch87 shared this question 3 years ago

I can't get Mixo to import my Rekordbox 5 database from XML content - it always freezes close to the end. This is a bit disappointing as it pretty much makes the app unusable.

The databse itself is ~35000 songs (actually 35006 songs), with BPM changepoints exported too.

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Sorry you're having issues getting it to import - one of the aims of the app is to get libraries like yours to work seamlessly, so if you could help us by doing the following that would be great!

- Make sure you are on the latest version (0.14.0) - File > Check For Updates

- Could you follow this guide to turn on logs and try the import again (if they are already on just send us the files)


Go to: Music > MIXO > Logs - and send us the files there.

- If you could send the 'rekordbox.xml' file to us as well that would be really useful as we can also test it.

Thanks for helping us test this, we expect bugs in the Beta so the feedback is greatly appreciated!



We are continuing to look into this, but could you confirm the following:

During the import process is it freezing on Parse, Saving or Analyzing?

This will show automatically when importing or via Settings > Import

Also, if you could send a screenshot with the XML file and logs that would help too.



The freezing is happening during parsing. I was able to get it to go past this point by disabling the automatic export of xml files (Rekordbox, XML), however analysis does not start. I have attached the rekordbox import file.


Thanks for sending the log file.

It looks like it was getting stuck on a playlist, can you also send the XML file that you were importing so we can review.

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