How does the syncing work across platforms?

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I understand that through my Google drive account that I am accessing all of my music that currently lives in my DJ laptop. I'm a little confused in how the syncing works though. If I am am out and playing music off my phone, decide to edit a tracks tags or do I know that those changes will be carried over to my laptop next time I power it in and sync the files? How does the software know which version of a track to keep if, after changing one version on my phone, they are effectively now different files. So which one becomes the "master copy" so to speak?

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So any changes you make to your music in MIXO, on any of your devices, those cue point/playlist/meta data edits will get synced across all your devices instantly.

You can then export your music in the formats required with the changes you've made on the go to your DJ Software ready to perform.

No master copies, MIXO creates it's own database when you import your tracks and then updates it as and when you make changes in MIXO or re-import more music in the future.

It's worth knowing that we are working on a AUTO SYNC feature, so if you make a change in MIXO it updates in your DJ Software playlists/sets:

I've subscribed you to this idea so you can be kept in the loop as and when we make progress.


So does the software assume that whatever version of a file that was updated most recently is the one that's changes need to be saved to the other locations? Like, if I'm adding hot cues or updating tags for a track via my phone..does the software know that the most recently updated file is the one thats changes need to be saved instead?


Exactly, update a cue point on your phone and it'll sync that change to your other devices with MIXO on. When you're then ready to play that track or a playlist you've updated on your DJ Software, you just need to export it in the format that DJ Software requires, for example NML for Traktor, XML for Rekordbox etc.

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