Traktor Collection & Playlist Import still not working on MacOS 12.3.1+

Jan shared this question 4 months ago


i don't know why my first issue thread was marked as "answered" but there was not solution and its such a simple thing to fix, so please read the comment in my first thread so this path not found issue will can be soon fixed.

Very anoying because this way, the software looses every use for me and the fix is so easy!

See screenshot below:

23ae2e968778c23f67c8ee3d09f7e577Note the different paths of the music files location in finder and in MixO.

They are working in Traktor 3 so a simple path adjustment will do it!

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Hey Jan,

Sorry about the delay in getting to this issue.

I've created the idea below and once replicated we will aim to get fixed ASAP.



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