Traktor 3 Tracks not found after import on MacOS 12.3

Jan shared this question 45 days ago

The reason seems to be a false Path conversion:

All Paths are converted to /System/Users/... but it had to be /Users/...

/System is a non-manageable directory and there is no User dir inside.

See MixO Track Info:


See File Track Info

(note that my Harddisk is named "System", has nothing to do with the /System OS DIr!!!):


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Hey Jan,

So if I understand correctly, you have two 'System' folders due to the harddisk being named this way and MIXO tries to look into the wrong one when searching for these tracks?

Do these tracks analyze on import or does MIXO fail to find them?




No, there is only one Folder /System under the FS Root /, but it is not part of any of the paths where the imported files are located.


Real File Location:

  • /Users/jan/Music/Tracks/x/y.aiff (Unix-like path-syntax)


  • System:Users:jan:Music:Tracks:x:y.aiff (Traktor path-syntax)

Malformed File Location (MixO):

  • /System/Users/jan/Music/Tracks/x/y.aiff

Mixo prepends the /System to the correct path, which cannot work because /System cannot be modified by legal MacOS-Tools and therefore don't contains a folder User in it.

The path formed by Traktor starts with System:... just because they prepend the drive name (my drive is named like this) to the rest of the path to be max. specific regarding the storage location.

Easiest fix would probably be to just parse the path from Traktor, cut the drive name and replace each ":" with a / - done!

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