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aero shared this question 3 months ago

It would be very handy if you could specify the path of you music collection and it all got imported based on the folder structure into playlists and folders.

For example:

I got my music sorted like this on my drive: music/2022/01/03

And by importing the folder 'music' it would create a folder/playlist structure like this in MIXO

This would be even more helpful if it would work great with importing only changes. So if I wanted to add new music I could just add them to for example: music/2022/01/04 and hit sync.

Its really specific I know :D but it really would be a game changer for me ;)

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Hey Aero,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I like this idea a lot so I've created an idea for it here and subscribed you to it.

It's worth noting that this idea is unlikely to be completed soon as we are focused primarily on Import and Export to and from DJ software, each of which have their own ways of managing local data.

Therefore, we try to keep the MIXO library as simple and as universal as possible, replicating the playlist and folder structure of the DJ software you are importing from whilst keeping an identical copy of the local folder structure on the cloud and on other devices once downloaded.

Keep an eye out for it though, as I agree it would be super useful!



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