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so many bugs, glitches, freezes. have you even tested this thing?

please refer to my last ticket/post. it took all day then froze on the last 40 files to upload. then I refreshed and cleared cache and upload data. lost all those bad boys. no idea which files im missing now. amazing.

now it says upload tracks complete and now its "sync"ing, with no explanation what that means. sync and upload tracks are the same thing in normal speak. you need to rename this.

also do you not reply to these tickets at all? I posted 24 hours ago and nothing....

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Hey Kings of Cali,

Firstly, I want to apologize for not responding sooner. We're based in the UK and operate from 9am - 5pm GMT. I will be online during those hours and respond to both our LiveChat feature and our support tickets. We're a small team but we try to get to everything as soon as possible!

I'll respond to the issues you've had with uploads here:


I've also created a new idea for tooltips for the Progress page so that things are clearer and more detail is available for each step when hovering the cursor over them. I agree that this is a good idea.


I am really sorry for the issues you've had, we are still in beta and so we expect there to be bugs, incomplete features, etc. but I completely understand how frustrating that can be when these do crop up. Rest assured we test all the time and we try and release a new update every few weeks. In fact, you can see our full release history here:


Thank you for the feedback and please check your other ticket for help regarding uploads.


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