V 0.40 Hanging on Upload Artwork

Kings of Cali shared this question 50 days ago

I left it on overnight and its just stuck on the Artwork Upload. Running on macOS Mojave MacBook Pro Retina 2014. This is very annoying as it says you've fixed this issue. is there a way to skip the artwork? I couldn't care less for it.

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ok i just clicked RELOAD and it started uploading. this is still a bug though, no one would know to do this. please fix your software. thanks.


Hey Kings of Cali,

Following on from https://support.mixo.dj/t/3624-your-software-sucks

To check which tracks have been uploaded, you should be able to see a green dot to the left of each one in the track list.

For those that haven't uploaded, you shouldn't see any dot at all.

To upload these tracks, select them, right-click and choose Re-Analyse Tracks. The option for 'Upload Tracks' is currently not functioning correctly and we are looking into that.




Glad I'm not the only one struggling with this, I've lost two days of trial just trying to upload my library.

Not impressed so far

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