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Phando shared this question 3 months ago

This is my 1st go with Mixo and I am having trouble. I have exported NML and M3U files from Tracktor including all the tracks. Using the playlist import in Mixo, the playlist comes in, but none of the tracks are being imported. Do I need to import my whole library into Mixo or can I just go one playlist at a time?

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Hey Phando!

Firstly, thanks for giving MIXO a try!

So there's two things to note here;

1. Playlists don't contain any extra metadata like cuepoints, BPM, key, etc. All they are, are links to the files. So if you want that information, make sure to import your Traktor NML file.

2. If you include the tracks in the export from Traktor, MIXO won't be able to import them as the file location changes. Make sure 'Copy Tracks To Destination' is unticked. See here for more info on how to import from Traktor.


I hope this helps, but if you run into anything else or have any other questions please let me know!



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