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Just a few other things I've noticed I'm providing as feedback/ideas. My goal is to be able to maintain collection in Traktor and easily create/update Rekordbox collection for export to USBs when required.

1. Importing the playlists from Traktor are not in the order of the playlist. MIXO seems to be rearranging by Artist. Very annoying.

2. Can you add an option to duplicate hot cues as memory points when exporting to Rekordbox.

Might be same as this ...

3. Analysis progress stays at 0% in the Import window, it shows correctly when looking at Progress.

4. In Traktor I set up cue point 2 as a load marker, leaving 1 as the beatgrid. Based on using Traktor in HID mode and the default mapping hot cue 2 works on CDJ hot cue A, hotcue 3 as B & horcut 4 as C. Wondering if it's easy enough as functionality in MIXO to remove hot cue 1 and move them all down one as export to Rekordbox A,B,C works similar. Hope that makes sense.

5, When importing/exporting, would be great to be able to select at a Folder level not just all the playlist names. Very important for large collections.

Might be this ...

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This is great stuff, really love all the feedback!

1. There is a number (#) column on the left side of the playlist view - is this not sorting in the correct order as per your Traktor list? Please could you send a screenshot of each list?

2. Yes, differentiating between the two is part of that idea,

3. This is likely just a graphical glitch that may be fixed by going to Settings > Debug > Reload. We are working on some updates to the import processes so it may well go away in the next update.

4. Not 100% sure what you mean here so apologies if I've misunderstood, but you can delete the first hot cue in the player view and this will move them all down one. Is the new first cue still appearing as 'B' in Rekordbox for you when you export?

5. Agreed and yes, is the idea for this.




Hi Jon, thanks for the replies.

1. Track order. Attaching snapshots .. Traktor track playlist (4 tracks) with Artist names starting with B,T,B,W. In MIXO the list is re-ordered to alphabetic by artist as far as I can tell, numeric 1,2,3,4 so can't get back to original order in Traktor.

2. Cue points. I see what you mean by the move if one is deleted, which is kinda what I wanted (in bulk) but doesn't in the end work like that and now I see further issues with cue points.

a) Traktor cue points 1,2,4 & 7 set, MIXO shows Autogrid, CUE2, CUE3, CUE4. No cuepoint changes in MIXO... Rekordbox correctly has A,B,D,G set. Something correctly translates this. Would be ideal to know in MIXO they are actually 1(A), 2(B), 4(D), 7(G).

b) Traktor cue points 1,2,4. MIXO shows Autogrid, CUE2, CUE3. Delete CUE2 in MIXO, leaving Autogrid & CUE3. Rekordbox shows A & D. Which is correct however again MIXO display is confusing you don't know CUE3 is really D in Rekordbox

c) Traktor cue point 1. MIXO shows Autogrid. Add CUE2 in MIXO. Rekordbox only shows A. Can't see any MIXO cue point information going over and given above issues, how would I set D or G for example, they are only text based cue points, no idea what they are numerically.


1. For the Track order issue, I've created an Idea for this. Thanks for the screenshots!

2 a. I have created an idea for the display of cuepoints in MIXO as it will have the data - hence why it exports the correct values, as per your example.

2 b. This would be fixed naturally along side the above issue.

2 c. I will get back to you on the actual functionality going on here shortly.


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