Cuepoint names should match the position in the software they came from

Jon shared this idea 2 years ago

Imported cuepoints should display the same information as their imported counterpart@


Traktor cue points 1,2,4 & 7 set,

Import to MIXO shows Autogrid, CUE2, CUE3, CUE4.

Export to Rekordbox correctly has A,B,D,G set.

In the case above, MIXO should show Cue 1/Autogrid, Cue 2, Cue 4 and Cue 7.

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This has now been fixed in our latest v0.24 release

Download the latest version in App or via


thanks. Creation of CUE points in MIXO still an issue, but not something that should be prioritised. Hopefully beatgrids coming soon and then I'll really be into MIXO.

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