Can mixo mirror itunes libraries between two computers?

sveinbjorn shared this question 2 months ago

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My itunes / apple music collection is on my iMac at the moment, as my laptop is broken.

Will mixo mirror the library and files between the two computers? Automatically, that is?

I wouldn't mind leaving itunes behind, but I need playlist management that matches itunes' abilities with smart playlists, tags and such, without the shitty interface that is evermore about the streaming part of the program.

So if anyone can reccomend the best alternative, that would work with mixo, that'd work too :D



Yes! MIXO will sync your library to all devices that you have installed MIXO on.

Feel free to give it a go and see how you get on:

You can import your current library into MIXO from iTunes and keep your existing playlists, although smart playlists aren't yet supported this is a feature we are planning to add in the future:

When you sync your library to other devices you have the option to download individual playlists or your entire library.

You can see more about all the features here:

Any other questions let us know!

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