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Dave shared this idea 18 months ago

Current functionality is to ignore smart playlists so that the rest of the library can be imported.

To do:

1. When importing a library with smart playlists, import them as normal playlists

2. Add functionality and support for importing smart playlists

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Smart playlist would be great, BUT in order to work in the right way across all platforms there must be some standars...

1st of all it would be nice NOT to have limitation like rekordbox has (128 max).

2nd better get ideas from iTunes for the rules that needed and not from Rekordbox wich is very limited (some ideas: date added, play counts, bit rate, BPM, comments, genre, grouping 1, grouping 2, last played, love, checked, playlist, folder, rating, time, year, colour, key, )

3rd All theese rulles have to sync across all platforms, otherwise can't be used...

4rd live updating and limit if we want...

5th combine as many rulles in any way possible to create unique smart playlists.

More ideas on the way



Moved to Auto sync


Thanks for the ideas George! We are planning on going down a similar route that you have suggested, at the moment we're looking at building smart playlists off of search criteria. These playlists will be synced along with the rest of you library to the software that you choose.

I'm not sure what you mean with your 4th point about live updating and limit though?

I've moved your comment about the auto sync feature to it's own card as well:


Well the live updating feature is actually if you want this spesific playlist to be active or not active when you add new songs...

The limit option is great for the CDJ's users because some of the smart playlists in a huge collection is bigger than 1000 songs... Theese playlist can not been seen in the cdjs so if a limitation is possible you make this playlists with 1000 limit so it can been seen... After that you can get an extra rule for the limit, if you want to show the last added or random or other choises... Its an excellent feature for everybody still using CDJ and huge collection :D


Ah I understand now, great ideas! I've added those to our roadmap:

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