Cue Points & Markers In Rekordbox

DJ Murdock shared this question 2 months ago

Cue Points & Markers Will Not Show In The Mixo Software When I Drag & Drop a Track In The Software, Do I Have To Do Any Thing Else, Or Go To A Date Base, Ect, Help, What Can 1 Do About Trying To Get The Libary In Rekordbox To Serato & Ect.

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Generally speaking, dragging and dropping tracks won't include markers or cuepoints unless they have been written to the track via software like Serato or Mixed in Key.

For programs like Rekordbox this data is saved as part of the database, so you need to import that to MIXO in order to see both your tracks and the metadata you saved.

In terms of going from any software to Serato, please see this guide on why we cannot currently do that and some more information on Rekordbox 5 & 6:

Which version of Rekordbox are you currently using?




I'm Using Rkordbox 5.8.5 & 6