Upload of audio files not working

James Lambie shared this question 5 months ago

I reported an issue a week ago (Ticket #2414) with problems in uploading M4A AAC files, never more than one album at a time. I did use the cancel upload feature which it did, but since then I been unable to upload any tracks - there are no file names in the queue despite the uploading message at the top of the screen being active. I've tried reinstalling, tried leaving on for hours and overnight (this resulted in the app becoming unresponsive and I had to manually close).

Between this and the very limited iOS functionality, this app is fast becoming unusable for me and being time intensive for no results. I can't see details of my subscription - I had a trial which has now completed as I started in early October - but can't find details of my payment. If this app is unusable I don't wish to continue the subscription.

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Hey James,

Dave, MIXO COO here!

No payment has been made to us, right now you're part of a totally free beta :)

We love your feedback and appreciate all your efforts getting MIXO working for you.

We've spent the last 2 months working on a massive new version which will significantly improve performance, especially around importing and uploading all file types, including M4A & AAC.

I'd recommend that you, for now, reset your MIXO account, delete the Apps folder in your cloud storage and await our v0.20 email we hope to get out in the next 2 weeks.

See how to do that here:


We've fixed some major bugs around crashing on import, improved importing speeds by over 5x and doubled the speed of uploading tracks to the cloud.

We'd love you to test v0.20 out once it's ready and give us an idea of how it works for you, especially in comparison to v0.19 you're likely using now.


Thanks Dave, I decided to do that before your kind and helpful reply. I did try with a few tracks to see if I could upload, which did work. Looking forward to checking out the new version - will keep an eye open.

I am a fervent believer in supporting devs and paying what apps are worth - I don’t get the culture of expecting stuff for free. Looking forward then to the changes, and if iPad support and landscape mode to allow easier editing of waveforms is coming, then that would be amazing. Thanks again for your reply.


Hi James,

We've recently released a huge update in v0.20 and then quickly after a patch for v0.21.

You can download the latest version in App or via https://www.mixo.dj/download

There were a lot of big updates that we wanted to get done for v0.20 which is why it took longer than usual, but we're confident the issues you were having are fixed now. You can see a full list here:


We're hoping over the coming months to have more quality of life updates now that the performance of the app across all devices is stable and really fast!

Let us know if you have any further issues.



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