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wickedmixdj shared this question 23 days ago

after a scan of aprox 30k tracks the program is stuck on the last file.

I tried a restart of the application but same issue

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To help us, could you follow this guide to turn on logs if they are not currently on:

Then go to: Music > MIXO > Logs - and send us the files there.

If there aren't any logs, please Reset MIXO in Settings > Debug > Reset MIXO and import the library again. This will then generate the logs which will show us why the last track is stuck.



thanks the logs showed the program was looking for a file in a location / drive that was not connected to my computer.

so to just get the thing done as i was not resetting and scanning that many files again approx 30k. i put a file in that location and let it finish.

Oh and FYI i was importing a Virtual DJ database if thats of any help preventing this in future.


Thank you for the file and more details.

That's an interesting bug and I have raised it with our team to hopefully fix soon.

I will test with other databases too, as usually the app would add that file to the 'failed to import' list.

Was the drive removed during the import process?




the files i scanned are all on a single external USB drive.

not sure if you guys are aware or not but VDJ creates a database on every drive it comes into contact with that contains media

so i scanned the database on this single external drive. I am sure at some point the drive letter has changed maybe even more then one time.

I can plug this drive into any computer with VDJ and it will pick up the database and know all my information just like my personal machine does.

VDJ has the ability to know that all the files of a drives database are all on that single drive and not on others even those the database may reference other drive letters.

so the file that the scanner was stuck on was contained on that drive even though it was looking elsewhere because of the drive letter reference in the database.

hope all this is of some value to the developers.



Thanks Bill,

We are aware of this, but it is a fair point considering at the moment we are only updating the main (C drive typically) VDJ DB file on export by default.

I will be testing the next version specifically for issues with VDJ, so I've added this to my list to look into as we have a number of fixes for VDJ planned.