BPM Detection is no working in Windows version

aldowoj shared this question 3 years ago

I just started testing this app.

Its seems that you're starting this app, ok. Looks good.

But there are some required things that are missing, like BPM Detection and Key, for example.

If I need to create my playlist first into the Rekorbox software, export and import do MIXO and re-import into Rekordbox again, I don't think that will be usefull.

But the idea to create tracks, sync into the cloud, and listen offline into my device is amazing!

Nice work!

Thank you,

Aldo Wojciechowski

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Hi Aldo, thanks for testing!

Currently MIXO does not analyse BPM or Key but this is on our roadmap for a future release


We're also working on an auto-sync feature that will be useful for those like yourself who want to stay with one DJ software and use MIXO as their portable library and backup.


I've subscribed you to both ideas so you'll be notified when there's an update.

If you have any other questions or feedback whilst using the app, please let me know; even if it's a minor bug or issue it really helps us!



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