Do one need cloud active to use Mixo?

Mufasa shared this question 3 years ago

Just doing a test.

To use for a direct conversion eg serato to rekordbox is there a need to upload to dropbox/google drive?

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No there isn't! The cloud feature is a part of MIXO:GOLD which is open to everyone during the beta.

MIXO:BRIDGE is a part of the free version of the app.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Import > Serato and browse for the crate you would like to transfer and then once this has completed go to Settings > Export > Rekordbox and save where you like. Make sure to go to Preferences within Rekordbox and select the path for the new rekordbox.xml file that MIXO created.

If you run into any issues - let me know!


Its not working for me

1. Macbook pro

2. Catalina 10.15.6

3. External SSD (AFPS) based Serato library (music and _serato_ folder is stored here)

4. Followed the steps as per the post above mine

5. Title of the crate was pulled but no tracks


Firstly, make sure that MIXO is on the latest version, it should be 0.17.0, Serato should also be closed before importing a Crate into MIXO.

If that hasn't helped, could you follow this guide to turn on logs

Then try importing the Serato Crate again and go to: Music > MIXO > Logs - and send us the files there.

That should help us see what is causing the issue.

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