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djtramp956 shared this question 47 days ago

mixo wont sync with my google drive , i used a new account and a lot of my tracks wont sync . i downloaded the program on my android and none of the tracks would stream, they would show up on the playlist but i couldnt play them or download them

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We are looking into sync issues with Google Drive:


Could you please reset MIXO on both your desktop and phone:

On your desktop -

1. Disconnect cloud storage

2. Reset MIXO and wait for the confirmation message

3. Log out of MIXO

On your phone -

1. Log out of MIXO

2. Fully close the MIXO app

3. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > MIXO

4. Select Storage & Cache

5. Clear Cache and then Clear Storage

6. Uninstall MIXO from your phone

You can then log in to MIXO on your desktop and reinstall on your phone.

Let us know how you get on.


its synced now but the only step i couldnt do was reset the app so i uninstalled it an erased all folders , it worked after words so fare android synced but some playlist wont erase will update if any change.


Hi djtramp956, just wanted to check in and see if you had had any improvements to syncing in the latest versions of the app. We're currently on 0.10.0.