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George shared this question 4 months ago
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When i imported all my collection (about 8000 songs) in import progresss tab, in some points in saving progress it says it's ready but it's not. If i change tabs to analysis or other tab and come back to import progress tab it says the real % of progress.

Also i get this error... Dont know what it is... :)


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For the first point, this is something we were aware of internally with the latest update but I've formally added it to the roadmap and subscribed you:


For the second, this is something we are still trying to replicate. If you could help with the following that would be great:

- Did you get this error after everything imported or was it during?

- If possible, could you send us your logs in MUSIC > MIXO > LOGS, there should be a few files there.



Thanks for sending those through.

So looking at them, it seems that you get some errors for Traktor NML and no updates after starting a Rekordbox XML import.

If you wouldn't mind, could you send me both your Traktor NML and Rekorbox XML files?

Also, are you currently using Traktor Pro 2?

We do have this bug from Traktor 2, but I'm not sure it's the same issue necessarily.


It may be worth double checking that Traktor and Rekordbox are up-to-date just in case there's any issue caused by that too.



Yes i use Traktor which is the last version before 3... Never updated to 3 because seems like i put my money in the trash... Rekrodbox also last version of the 5 of course... In traktor it's not my real collection as i only use it to teach... Rekordbox has my full collection... Dont know if it matters :D


Fantastic thanks!

So I've had a look through and imported them both - and whilst I don't get the error from the Rekordbox import within MIXO - I can see it in my log too. It is due to the track 'Le Vent' by 'Borka'. There isn't anything structurally unique to it codewise, so it may be that the track is corrupted in some way. Feel free to send the track over and I'll take a look.

I would suggest trying to use it as part of an NML collection and seeing if a similar error appears.

I'm assuming that despite seeing this error, MIXO imported everything else ok?

The Traktor file seems completely fine, and the import was good. The error was showing up due to MIXO trying to import from the folder rather than the file - which goes back to the idea of keeping the filepath on the import page - but this is fine, the file just needs to be selected.

Thanks for your help testing today George, it's much appreciated!


I love that song BTW :p

Here you are! Yes sure i like to help because i also understand things better, which is good because im a Dj Instructor :D

So win-win :D


Great to hear!

Ok, so I've sent everything through to our team to look into.

The track is playing and importing fine for me personally, but i'll let you know what they find.

Thanks again!