Traktor NML/XML

Dave shared this question 5 months ago

**Question from P. Feltham via Facebook on Wed, Sept 4th 2019 at 20:30 GMT**

Does MIXO access the Traktor Collection.nml/.xml and are you able to listen to .mp3 tracks and edit their tags on your iPhone?

I must have local copies of everything I play, including tags, cues and loops.

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Once imported to MIXO, your music with all your edits and cue points will be uploaded to the Cloud so you'll have local and cloud copies that sync.

MIXO works with XML and Traktor NML files so it can be seamlessly added to your workflow.

We're also really excited to confirm that you'll not only be able to play your tracks & playlists from your mobile, but also edit the cue points on the go and view each tracks waveform.