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**Question from Pete Sherriff via Twitter DM on Mon, 16th Dec 2019 at 13:05 GMT**

Morning guys ok so, am I reading this right, if I change a track in one software (question point etc) will that change it everywhere else ? Will the app be prime4 compatible?

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Hey Pete, thanks for getting in touch! What we have currently is a manual process for syncing, so any changes will need to be imported into MIXO and then exported to your software of choice. We'll be changing this soon to automatic which will sync any changes you make to other software so you won't have to manually import/export every time.

MIXO is also compatible with Engine prime as that just references the collections from Rekordbox, Traktor etc.

We've got a full list of software supported here:

For the time being, we only have an import option for Serato as we want to avoid altering people's music files directly, but we may look at adding this in the future based on demand.

Feel free to post on our forum if you've got any other questions or ideas!


Hey Pete!

I've had a chat with the devs and it looks like automatic sync is a bit further down the line.

The first step is to be able to import and export manually as easily as possible into MIXO and back to your DJ software.

We're also going to have the Cloud Sync so you can get your music onto your mobile and other laptops.

To start with we want to give DJs the option of exactly what changes to copy over into their main library, instead of doing this automatically.

Also, most of the DJ software has a manual importing process for a similar reason, so you'd still need to go through that part to get the new data into your DJ software.

One option we're looking at is using the new Apple Music API as a gateway to the DJ software as most of them are using this already.

Any other q's please let us know.