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Mixed In Key & Traktor Pro 3

Dave shared this question 15 months ago

**Question from G. Johnson via Email on Oct 12 2019 at 05:02 GMT**

I need help I have mixed in key and things aren’t working out, do you add cue points to Traktor Pro 3 and are you dealing with macOS 10.15 and Traktor Pro 3 3.30.35?

Do I need to wait for updates to Traktor Pro 3? Are you adding all cue points? It is really important for me and things like mixed in my workflow.

I have TP 3 and Kontrol S4 mk3 and a MacMini 2014 3GHZ core i7 16g memory.

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MIXO is a music library that allows you to add and edit Cue Points right there in the app.

It'll work on both mobile and desktop apps and let you work offline when you're on the go!

All you'd need to do is import your music into MIXO, add/remove/edit your Cue Points as desired and then export an NML file for Traktor - super easy!

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