m3u8 import from swinsian

reece157vfx shared this question 22 days ago

When importing a playlist using m3u8 import I did a test with only 5 tracks all of only 3 mins each of which all tracks are already in the collection I just wanted to have ability to move playlists from swinsian to mixo and when they import it just says it cant import as the tracks are too large or corrupt I have tried with loads of different tracks and still no luck

this is on my macbook pro 2019

intel core i9

32gb ram

mixo v 0.9

mac os 10.15.4

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This is likely due to how Swinsian writes to the m3u8 files, in which case this is something we would need to look into further. I've added this to our roadmap.


However, we can import iTunes playlists, so if you are able to import these files into iTunes you may be able to export them with the correct format that MIXO is expecting.

Let me know if this works.