Music app M3U import - no tracks?

mark shared this question 21 months ago

I originally imported my whole Rekordbox XML (around 6000 tracks), only 944 tracks would show up on the mobile app, so I remove everything & have started again.

Instead I'm trying to do imports by Music (new iTunes) playlists (one by one) via M3U - this will also allow me to have the tracks split into playlists to view on the mobile app too (instead of using XML).

When adding an M3U (I tried M3U8 too) the playlist imports but no tracks import. I have checked the file locations within the M3U and they are correct. Any ideas why tracks are not importing? (Example attached - UPDATE: can't attach an M3U file to the topic? I can paste in if needed.)

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Here's an example M3U playlist from Music app on my Mac Pro:

#EXTINF:481,Pick Me Up (Say Goodbye) - Al Kent
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/Disco/Pick Me Up (Say Goodbye).mp3
#EXTINF:376,Timba (Full Intention Club Mix) - AWA Band
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Latin/Timba (Full Intention Club Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:269,Glue (Original Mix) - Bicep
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Intelligent/Glue (Original Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:347,Star Eyes (Original Mix) - Cosmo & Dibs
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/Hardcore/Star Eyes (Original Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:409,TechnoTrance (Paradise Is Now) (Original Mix) - D-Shake
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/Rave/TechnoTrance (Paradise Is Now) (Original Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:519,What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal) (Danny Krivit Edit) - The DangerFeel Newbies
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Soulful/What Am I Here For_ (Original NDATL Vocal) (Danny Krivit Edit).mp3
#EXTINF:242,Motion Beats - David Alvarado present Bombagrooves
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Tech/Motion Beats.mp3
#EXTINF:574,Motions - David Alvarado present Bombagrooves
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Tech/Motions.mp3
#EXTINF:449,If You Really Love Someone (Original Mix) - Liberty City
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep/If You Really Love Someone (Original Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:445,If You Really Love Someone (Vapor Rub Dub) - Liberty City
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep/If You Really Love Someone (Vapor Rub Dub).mp3
#EXTINF:446,If You Really Love Someone (The MURK Groove) - Liberty City
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep Heavy/If You Really Love Someone (The MURK Groove).mp3
#EXTINF:387,Sunshine (Extended Mix) - Low Steppa
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep Soulful/Sunshine (Extended Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:549,Transient (Original Mix) - Mr G
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep/Transient (Original Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:700,Essence Of Life (Roy's Hard Doors Mix) - Roy Davis present The Believers
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Deep Soulful/Essence Of Life (Roy's Hard Doors Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:327,Essence Of Life (Stompin' Darkside Mix) - Roy Davis present The Believers
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Tech/Essence Of Life (Stompin' Darkside Mix).mp3
#EXTINF:402,Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Late Nite Tuff Guy Muscle Edit) - The Salsoul Orchestra
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/Disco/Ooh I Love It (Love Break) (Late Nite Tuff Guy Muscle Edit).mp3
#EXTINF:95,Come Back Home (Accapella) - Secret Sounds
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/Accapella/Come Back Home (Accapella).mp3
#EXTINF:381,Heaven (Danny Krivit Edit) - The Vision feat Andreya Triana
/Volumes/DJContent/DJ Trax/House - Soulful/Heaven (Danny Krivit Edit).mp3


Hi Mark, I've created an idea for the m3u files from Music, so we can test a bit further so thanks for sending through the m3u details!

Make sure you are on the latest version, which is currently 0.9.0, go to File -> Check For Updates or download it here:

Could you then try importing your Rekordbox XML again? Also, are all the tracks showing in MIXO: Desktop and in your cloud storage?


I’m on that version, I actually uninstalled, restarted & reinstalled yesterday. I can try if you’d like? I have around 6000 tracks though - I did see some posts about large collections? I’ll start the run again today (It takes around 24hrs including cloud upload).

Yes, I could see all the tracks were in the desktop app (the number in the side column was correct). I could scroll through correctly. The cloud upload was finished & all the tracks were in Google Drive (based on Gb space used).

The only thing I noticed is a sporadic “syncing” notification in the top left status area. And I did have to quit the app a few times as it seemed to freeze.

On another note, I think it may be useful to have a status bar at the bottom telling you what the app is doing (e.g. “Syncing: Track Name” or “Uploading: Track Name” or “Analyzing: Track Name”)


We are in the process of optimising large library imports.

Could you send me your computer specifications?

I've also added the idea for the status bar to our roadmap:


So, it's been c. 48hrs since I started the Rekordbox.xml import now... Here's where it's at (I kept a bit of diary! It may be a bit too much?!)

Mac Pro Mid 2010 (upgraded) | 3.46Ghz 6 Core Intel Zeon | 56Gb RAM | MacOS Catalina (latest) | 200 Mbps Internet connection (wired)


12pm: Imported Rekordbox.xml

Import - OK

Analysis - OK

Upload - Running


1pm: Upload Error - clicked OK & it carried on. 388 tracks were remaining to upload.

Note: Throughout this time I occasionally checked the iOS app & no tracks were appearing. The first time I did this process, tracks did load in but the number got stuck (as per previous message). It seemed like the sync happened concurrently to the upload?

2:45pm: circa 30 tracks left to upload.

3pm: Upload finished(??). Whiteout on app. Left to see if it carries on & fixes.

4:30pm: Still whiteout screen. Quit MIXO & shutdown Mac

5pm: Reopened MIXO. Seems it had around 30 tracks left to upload. Then started “Syncing” (shown in top right corner) & after around 5mins it became a little unresponsive, as I was trying to look at the queues - there was a delay switching between of a few seconds. Then it went white again. Quit the app after a few minutes.

5:30pm: Reopened MIXO. Syncing recommenced & seems stable.

6pm: I can’t actually tell what it’s doing apart from the “Syncing” in the top left (hence my previous suggestion of some kind of status bar showing what is doing)

6:30pm: Checked iOS app & 300 tracks have now appeared, so I assume it’s syncing with the db.

7pm: iOS app - c. 600 tracks

8pm: iOS app - c. 1000 tracks

9pm: iOS app - c. 1600 tracks

10pm: iOS app - c. 2000 tracks

12am: iOS app - c. 3000 tracks

  • Tested playing a track. Works fine.


  • Still “Syncing”

11am: iOS app - 3152 tracks

12pm: iOS app - 3155 tracks

2pm: iOS app - 3167 tracks

Note: Every time I open the iOS app it has a wait to display the previous track count. Does it not store this locally on the phone?


App "whiteout" image example...



3pm: iOS app - 3431 tracks

11pm: iOS app - 3475 tracks


Thanks for sending this through, super helpful!

In your cloud, does it have the MIXO folder with all of the uploaded tracks; correct amount, structure etc?

Is the iOS version of the app the same as the desktop? It may be on 0.9.0 still, if it is you will need to uninstall and reinstall from the app store (0.10.0) - this shouldn't lose anything as it will just sync again.


There's >97Gb of content in the Google Drive (which only has MIXO folder in) & in my local DJ music folder there's 104Gb, so it's not far off.

The iOS version is indeed 0.10.0.


And the structure of the folders is correct.


I think then, that this is a part the large library issue we have been having, however we are prioritising that currently and I'm positive that in the coming weeks, large library importing/analysing/uploading/syncing will all improve dramatically.

I've subscribed you to this idea, so you'll be notified when it's completed.

Thanks for all your feedback Mark, it's incredibly helpful!

Let me know if you have any more!



3pm: iOS app - 3431 tracks

11pm: iOS app - 3475 tracks


A side note about the music app: I don't know about you, but in my experience so far it's been almost impossible to export (usable) playlists from the music app. I have created genre playlists from my locally stored files at organizeyourmusic. These are then automatically recognized on Spotify. For use in Traktor, I then transferred this playlist at to the music app. So far so good, but here comes the catch. Unfortunately, I found that the apple music m3u export wasn´t my own files anymore, now all songs were "Apple-aac files". In Traktor, that means your imported playlist is now empty bc it can´t do shit with DRM-protected files.

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