Interface Missing a Status Bar & a pause/resume buttons or similar

dave shared this question 3 days ago
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I've been trying to use this software for a while now with not much luck. But it anoys me that it doesn't have some sort of status bar at the bottom telling us what is or isn't happening.

As well, there is no pause/resume buttons or something similar.

I feel the interface in general is missing something.

For example now. I have a list of 700 tracks in my upload Queue, but no messages as to why they are not uploading. Eg do I wave my magic wand to get the uploads to start?

I hope this helps. I really like the concept of the software and hope you can get it most of the bugs out so it can be used in a production environment.

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Really good feedback, thank you!

We're working on the user interface right now which will include the progress of import/exports/uploads.

I've subscribed you to both the analysis and upload progress ideas we're working on:

Our system will let you know once they're ready & in a new release.

Have your 700 tracks uploaded successfully now?