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George shared this question 26 days ago

When i delete songs from MIXO it deletes the files from my dropbox but it leaves the file there empty. It would be nice, if it could delete the folder if it is emptu of course! Thanks

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Just to clarify, do you mean the MIXO root folder? Or do you mean an empty playlist folder that remains after deleting all of it's tracks?


The empty playlist folder that after deleting remains empty. Not the root folder :)


I have just tested and can see that the issue is being caused by Dropbox not removing folders that are not being used in MIXO.

The cloud storage structure should mimic the local structure (although there is a bug with this that we are aware of), so if you imported songs from different folders on your harddrive each of these folders would show up in the cloud when synced.

When these songs are removed from MIXO, the cloud storage should update and remove both track and folder (if empty).

I will test this a bit further, but for now I've created an idea for this: