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adam shared this question 23 days ago

So I'm working with a small library of just 5 tracks for testing.

When I sync with DropBox I have the following structure on DropBox:





MIXO-Sync/Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar

So my questions. Why are my single tracks inside Music/Music/ but the 2 track album is inside Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar?

Would it not make sense to have each track in a folder of the Album name? Or how about how iTunes does it, Artist/Album/Track

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The cloud storage should be mimicking your local storage, is the local structure the same as this or is it different?


Local storage looks like this:




User/Music/Music/ *all tracks are here

User/Music/Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar/

So that Rigipolar album is NOT in the correct place as it should be with the other tracks in the Music/Music/ folder. Also Recordings does not exist locally.


I'll build a bigger test library inside iTunes (now Apple Music app) later and test that as my normal set-up I use iTunes to manage my music collection and playlists.


Ok, I have created an idea for the dropbox folder to match the local structure.


I will do some more testing today regarding this, but I will also have a developer come back to you tomorrow (monday) with more information on this.



Hi Adam, so i just wanted to double check with you;

Locally, are the tracks for User/Music/Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar/ in this folder AND in your cloud they are also in this folder MIXO-Sync/Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar?

Basically, are tracks being moved around from local to cloud, i.e. not in the mirrored folder, or are you saying that the folder for the album should be in Music/Music with the other tracks?

So you would have:


Music/Music/MIXO-Sync/Music/Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar/song.mp3

If it's the latter, all you would need to do is move the folder locally to be in the same place and once the app syncs it will mimic this.


Hi Jon

Excuse the radio silence. The test machine I'm used is a floating household machine and with everyone lockdown the kids have been using it.

Got a chance to do some more testing today. New version (0.11.0) installed and so I reset everything. Deleted all track from Dropbox and started from fresh. I also renamed my music folder to make things clearer (as MacOS has a Music folder and my collection for testing is in a folder within "Music"). Same issue exists. Here is my local structure:

User/Music/Music Collection/

In that folder I have 3 individual track and the following 2 albums (in their own folders):

Relish - REPX - V

Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar

On Dropbox sync folder I have the following structure:


In that folder I have 3 folders:

Music Collection

Relish - REPX - V

Rigopolar - Sistema Lunar

As you can see... for some reason the sync moves my albums out of the "Music Collection" folder and puts them in the Music root folder. Example:

Locally I have: User/Music/Music Collection/Relish - REPX - V/Eliezer feat. Isadora - REPX - V.A. - 01 Eskimo Limon.aiff

On Dropbox: Dropbox/Apps/MIXO-Sync/Music/Relish - REPX - V/Eliezer feat. Isadora - REPX - V.A. - 01 Eskimo Limon.aiff

Dropbox should be: Dropbox: Dropbox/Apps/MIXO-Sync/Music/Music Collection/Relish - REPX - V/Eliezer feat. Isadora - REPX - V.A. - 01 Eskimo Limon.aiff

Hope that makes sense.


Thanks Adam, I've replicated this too now and have updated our development notes for this idea so we'll hopefully have a fix for it ASAP.

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