Double folder import bug

George shared this question 26 days ago

When i import a collection in iTunes or Traktor or any other program, it finds the duplicate song and it doesn't import it again but in the tree it adds again the folders and then there are double folders... Dont think it's right this behavior :D

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Definitely not the correct behaviour!

We are working on this and have suggested that when re-importing a collection / database with, for example, a change to one playlist out of several - a modal appears stating which playlists haven't been imported due to them being duplicates - same as tracks - and therefore not adding them to the tree.

For the playlist that has changed, our plan is to add a suffix like 'playlist(1)' and importing it seperately. This is mainly to avoid making any changes the user has made in MIXO or affecting more complex folder structures.

What is your opinion on this, would you expect it to just overwrite the original in this case?



Yes my preferation would be to overwrithe the original. Or even better ask the user if you want to overwrite or just add . If it will only add a suffix, then every time that we do a minor change we will have to also delete the original playlist and also to rename the 'playlist(1)' as the original. These steps in a huge collection are not practical. Very soon we'll end up having multiple same playlists (1),(2),(3).... Too much confusing


I completely understand that. For the time-being we may stick with the suffix solution but with a modal that shows what is happening.

We will for sure be fixing the duplication of folders and playlists that haven't changed bug.

Almost everything is in constant review though, so I'll let you know if this changes.