Rekordbox export to Serrato incomplete

DJ D''Roc shared this question 15 days ago

Hey, Hey. Following simple steps to export Rekordbox playlists to Serato but it's only migrating a small amount of tracks (1453 in Rekordbox Vs 325 in Serato) and some of the playlists are also missing.

This vid -

All the media is stored on an external drive and the new playlists are exporting to the same drive.

Any help appreciated!


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Hi there,

Firstly you could check what's in MIXO - are all the tracks there? Were the missing playlists imported?

Next you could try exporting to the default Serato folder (with Serato closed), which should be ~/Music/_Serato_/SubCrates .

This might also help.

MIXO team

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