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I just have one question before I pay for my Mixo Gold membership.

Can I transfer the beat grid and hotcues from Rekordbox 6 to Serato Pro using

to Serato Pro using Mixo?

Will the beat grid I have on rekordbox work perfectly on serato pro?

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Hi there,

The simple answer is maybe! Beatgrids are notoriously different between each DJ software, which makes them very difficult to transfer.

For best results, you should export your Rekordbox library to XML and import that into MIXO, which will contain important beatgrid info.

When exporting to Serato, the only options available are beatgrid offset and BPM, which are saved directly to the track itself (which is where Serato reads/saves it).

So my recommendation is, import a small test playlist via XML, then export to Serato with 'Update ID3 Tags' toggle on, then open Serato and check it out!

It may work just fine ;)

MIXO team

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