Cue Point Colors Changed Rekordbox => Serato

Samuel shared this question 38 days ago

I used Mixo to import my Rekordbox library into Serato along with the cue points I had set in Rekordbox. I use specific colors on each cue to indicate phrasing, but every green cue I placed in Rekordbox is showing up as cyan? or some greenish blue that is not possible to visually distinguish on my controller when I'm performing. The way the colors were changed upon import to Serato makes them close to indistinguishable, which defeats the point of how I've set the colors in Rekordbox. Is there any way to apply a mass color change to the cue points to make all the cyan ones green in Serato? Or is the only solution to manually change the color of every individual cyan cue point to green?

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Hi Samuel,

I've tested the flow myself and here are the results:


All the colours seem to have transferred correctly for me.

How do your cues look in MIXO? Are they custom colours in Rekordbox or are you using a default colour setting (COLD/COLOURFUL etc)?

MIXO team

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