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First of all i truly appriciate Mixo and amazed how it quickly adapted me to Rekordbox and CDJ environment from Traktor. I still prefer Traktor over Rekordbox for many things but from now on i will keep my collection both on Traktor and Rekordbox as synced. Thanks to Mixo.

but as i use more i would like to give some feedback that i believe can be quickly fixed

in the first screenshot as you can see there are some folders that actually exists and files thing that they are on that playlist but they are not visible on the left side.

other issue is that now i have some updates on rekordbox collection and it succesfully updated on mixo collection but traktor is crashing while importing, i wonder if this is a common issue? There are some posts from 3 years ago.

Thank you

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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback!

So in your screenshot you've parsed a Traktor NML. Are you saying after importing this Traktor NML some playlists were not imported? If that's the case, please send me your NML so I can investigate.

Then regarding the crash in Traktor, was this a different NML? Could you also send this to me?


MIXO team

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