Duplicate Finder causes app to go white

brian shared this question 28 days ago

After the import issue I tried to delete all tracks from MIXO and then re-import from Engine DJ again. I deleted all tracks from the 'All Tracks' on the left, waitied for sync to finish and update on my other device then re-imported from Engine DJ.

On re-import there were about 77k tracks despite only having around 24k in the collection. Looking at the 'All Tracks' list, there were triplicates and and sometimes 6 copies of the same track showing. I tried to run duplicate finder and while it found thousands of duplicates, when it finished running it caused the whole app to turn white and unresponsive. When I closed it and reopened, I tried running it again with a different sort option and it did the same again.

I would reset MIXO, but the problem is I have some smart playlists in MIXO that I don't want to have to redo. Unless there's a way to export or save the smart playlists I create and re-add them after a reset?

Sorry for all the tickets. Love the software, just want to help if others are having the same problem but don't report it.

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Hi Brian,

In light of my previous response to your VDJ questions, if you are only using the My Lists folder in VDJ, here's what I would do:

1. Reset MIXO (Settings/Debug).

2. Import VDJ but select only the 'MyLists' folder.

This should result in a much cleaner and uncluttered import.

However, if you don't want to do that, my recommendation is to run the Duplicate Finder but use the STOP button periodically to perform clean-ups in batches, then re-run. This will avoid the memory crash due to the excessive duplicates that you've imported from VDJ.

MIXO team

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