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I would like to speculate on what a Mixo program could be. I'm not saying that it should be like this. I do not know which path your founder and your team follow, but I would like to offer my own version of the program, which I would personally use and do all the work in it.

I want to say that now I haven't been DJing for several years, I even sold my traktor s8, but I still like to make mixes, explore something. It's just a hobby at home for me.

And so, what would I like the Mixo as a program to include

1. The ability to take track information from spotify (key, bpm, genre, valence of positivity) Spotify describes the genre of a track very well, as a rule it gives out several values. Just add fields for tags from Spotify. In general, having access to your library of Spotify in MIXO would be very convenient for searching and compiling playlists. I know that you need to think about how to implement this, but streaming and api opens up huge opportunities for research. AI has also already entered the market.

2. The ability to manage files/folders on the computer. As in Apple Music/iTunes. By changing the Artist-Album-Title tags inside the MIXO. MIXO also changes these values at the folder and track level in the OS, as it works in iTunes. This solves a common problem for DJs of losing the file path in the operating system.

3. I would also like a built-in bpm and key analyzer with at least 90% result, like MIK, but in general, information from the Spotify api could be a good alternative.

4. The ability to write information to the file tags themselves. I think that the lack of such an opportunity is quite inconvenient for library management. I would like to have access to the file tags directly in the MIXO. I know that there are many nuances with these tags, and it is easier to make your database, but still any improvements in this area would be useful to become a full-fledged file management center.

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Right now, I can't use Mixo to fully solve all my tasks. For the bpm, beat grid, key, cue points for local files, I have to turn to Mixed in Key. To apply changes to folders and file names in the system, I need to open Apple Music

To change the file tags, open the AIMP tag program.

To create playlists from spotify, I use various online services.

In total, I use at least 3-4 programs to manage local files. If MIXO solved some of them, it would be very good.

As far as I understand, you don't want to move towards Mixed in Key, develop algorithms and functionality to determine the energy level, key and other parameters. But then you can move towards convenient management of local files and integration of API streaming services.

So far, the MIXO program looks like it's at a crossroads and looking in several directions to decide where to move next. Here is one of the options for the direction that looks quite promising for the future Mixo.

Thanks for your attention


Hi Almaz,

Thanks for your suggestions. I'm fairly sure you can do more than you realise already...

For example:

2. MIXO has a context menu option for "Show In Finder/Windows" to take you directly to the track, plus a "Relocate Tracks" option if you've accidentally moved the track on your computer. This works for thousands of tracks at once, if required.
3. There is a BPM option that appears on the waveform if the track has no BPM. This is required to generate a beatgrid. We hope to make this a more accessible feature when we introduce a key analyser soon.
4. You can already write metadata (which you can customise in Track Info) directly to the track's tags via Export -> ID3 TAGS.

Separate to this, we are planning on integrating streaming services and metadata scraping services in the near future, along with more organisation tools for keeping things tidy on your file system.

We have just completed a rather large cloud database migration project, which has given us a much-needed platform for growth and opportunity.

At the moment we are focussing on bug fixes and performance, following the migration (which completed only 2 weeks ago). We are also working on a back-end project for allowing other apps to integrate MIXO, along with several other new features.

All I can say is thank you! Keep sending over your ideas and watching the various tasks for updates. There's lots more coming :)

MIXO team

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